Hiro Furuya
Chief Producer / Engineer

Completed Music Production at Berklee College of Music. Currently studying at Harvard Business School. He has participated in many hit songs around the world so far. He has global connections with super majors from around the world, and develops global music.
John Capek (composed to Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Olivier Newton John, TOTO, etc.), Caffey Carmel (composer of film ET and Harry Potter, Phil Collins and David Boy keyboardist), Chuck Sabo (Elton John and Brian Adams support drummer), Ziv Shalev (Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart tour guitarist), Maria Grigg (Eric Clapton’s strings arrangement) and other national projects Succeeded and gained great trust in the world music scene.
In support of that, it is one of the most successful producers and engineers in the world, and classic artists such as Yundi Li, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Christian Zimmermann, Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic And participated in projects such as Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Bon Jovi (domestic and international).
Besides, the company has contracts with 13 studio equipment manufacturers that are responsible for global sound trends. SPL, elysia, Dusseldorf, Germany, Kii Audio, Horch, Roger Shult, Sessiondesk, MUTEC, Bettermaker, Poland, IGSAudio, and EAW artists from the United States have earned an extremely high reputation from various countries.
Most recently, he was in charge of mastering and sound production for Die Denkaz’s “Pfusch am Bau” announced in May 2018, and ranked 7th in the European charts. The song won the DMSC Musiker Awards. Besides, Die Denkaz was in charge of mastering the 2018 World Cup official song of Germany, and in 2019, Karman Pal-Balaz’s “Anjel”, who was also responsible for mastering, won the 10th place in the Eastern European charts. It is called a “genius” and has a firm position in the music market.


Participated by Mastering / Client : Naagii / Country : Mongol / More Details : No.3 in the Mongolian chart 2019

Participated by Mastering / Client : Karmen Pál-Baláž / Country : Slovakia / More Details : No.10 in the East Euro chart 2019

Participated by Mastering / Client : Alster Record – Die Denkaz / Country : Germany / More Details : No.7 in the Euro chart 2018

Participated by Mastering / 2018 World Cup Official Song in Germany

Participated by Mastering / Client : Super Media Group – Emily & Justice / Country : Slovakia

Participated by Mastering / Client : Chungy / Counry : US – Korea / More Details : Korean TV therme song

Participated this album by Producing, Artist Booking, Mixing, Mastering / Client : Antihoney
/ More Details : Guitar – Ziv Sharev (New York) Bass – Madalena Graca (Köln)

Participated this album by All Producing, Booking artists, Arranging, Mixing & Mastering

Participated by All Producing, Mixing & Mastering