Realizing world-class music production from Europe and Japan

Our globally dynamic music production covers a wide variety of genres, making it possible to produce world-class music from classical to hard rock / EDM, which requires the most difficult and best-in-class quality.
In addition, we will be able to make productions by booking the world’s super major legends that seemed impossible until now and deliver quality music with no more.
By making use of the collective power and judgment that have been refined in the entertainment world, the process of music production such as composition, arrangement, general production, sound production, direction management, etc., we promise to produce surely.
This is supported by many achievements in Europe and the United States, and we have earned great trust from artists, partner productions, and manufacturers in various countries to build strong relationships.
Most recently, the music produced and mastered in May 2018 ran into the seventh place in the European charts, and in 2018 he was in charge of mastering the official songs of the German World Cup.
And in the spring of 2019, music was charted in on the Eastern Europe chart and attracted worldwide attention, but there were 12 unprecedented, world-class leading manufacturers and 12 official endorser relationships in Japan. Have earned.

Example of produced work

Song Name : Antihoney – Dream Ended This Way –

ARTIST : Antihoney
Produced / Arranged / Mixing / Mastering : Hiro Furuya

– Participating artists –
Guitar : Ziv Sharev (New York)
Bass : Madalena Graca (Köln)

Antihoney - Dream Ended This Way -

Antihoney - Dream Ended This Way -

– Concept –
In order to produce a popular song by Antihoney, who has fans all over the world, the first thing that was listed as the major world view.
The finish of the song is outstanding, and since it was already a popular song among fans from the stage of the demo, there is also a demand for the appeal of women’s messages from the more sophisticated and annoying mid-teens to the early 20s I watched.
In order to highlight the sophistication of the melodies and to impress the vigorous yet innocent poison, we needed a guitar that was both delicate and powerful.
Ziv in New York, who played that role brilliantly, provokes magic every time.
In addition, Cologne’s Madalena professed himself to be a big fan of this song, playing a beautiful bass that can be said to be feminine in both upright and electric.
In mixing and mastering, in order to maximize the appeal of vocals, we tried various trials and errors, and finally, we were able to find a landing point by getting a mixing console of a manufacturer with an endorsed contract…
In addition, this most fascinating song is daringly finished as a Hi-Fi sound, and some of the sounds of the guitar and driving drum that have a vintage feel can be used well, and the contrast can be packed into one world. I feel that
From Antihoney, the final mixing and mastering of this song were OK in a single shot, and it was a work that was able to be released in a form that all engaged well.

Song Name : Beethoven: Piano Sonata Album -“Beethoveniana”

Artist : Shunji Itani
Produced / Recording / Mixing : Hiro Furuya
Mastering : Harald Illeditsch (Vienna)


– Concept –
When I heard the story of music production by Shunji Itani, Professor Emeritus of Kassui Women’s University on the way back to Munich, Germany, I thought that “This is a great opportunity to create a sound that I have never heard in Japan”.
When I went to Vienna before, the Vienna Philharmonic, Ashkenazi, etc. now do not use the recording in the hall, but use the recording method that has advanced far in the studio to create the sound of generations ahead Had experienced.
It was also a time when the environment for creating the world’s most advanced sound, including the progress of manufacturers with their endorser contracts and their own experiences, was prepared just by gathering information from the world updated daily.
In the case of classical music, unlike popular and rock music, it takes a position of extreme reproduction art, so there is a tendency for the expected value and accuracy of sound quality, in particular, to be extreme.
In that sense, musicians tend to create their own performances with an artistic director, and the sound side is often in the form of producers taking full responsibility. This project is mainly responsible for the whole flow from the concept of sound source production, and also the director of engineering in the creation and direction of the sound.
The piano technology and sensibility polished in Munich, the home of music, and music productions that are active on the world stage, have been completed as a sound source that has been challenged to create a new world of classical music.
The mastering was also performed by Harold, who was a pianist at the Alumni Association and the Vienna State Opera, and it was a work that realized relationships with people who flew from the world of Japan to the world as well as the actual headquarters.


Artist : Antihoney (Composer)
Produced / Mixing / Mastering : Hiro Furuya

– Participating Artist –
Strings Orchestra:Maria Grigoryeva (St. Petersburg)


– Concept –

A beautiful string orchestra recorded in St. Petersburg is an impressive song.
It’s also the song that was ranked 3rd in the Classic Chart for the first time in Band Campas.
Originally written as a mode song, it had a modern style of music with whisper voices and loops. However, after recording, the producer listened to the file sent from St. Petersburg, and only for the strings orchestra. The work was renewed and single-cut.
St. Petersburg’s string team with a very high-performance ability is put together by Maria, and the unique sound of violin with a solid Russian sound and sharpness is a gem that can only be obtained overseas.

Song Name : All Stars Night Ends – Hero –

Artist : Antihoney (Composer / Singer)
Produced / Mixing / Mastering : Hiro Furuya

– Participating Artists –
Guitar : Ziv Shalev (New York)
Drum : Chuck Sabo (London)
Bass : Madalena Graca (Köln)
Strings Orchestra : Maria Grigoryeva (St.Petersburg)

All Stars Night Ends - Hero -

All Stars Night Ends - Hero -

All Stars Night Ends - Hero -

All Stars Night Ends - Hero -

– Concept –
This song was produced as the first single cut from Antihoney’s new album.
Although it was a song that had dramatic sounds from the beginning, it was made with a focus on MIDI and had a strong embedding element, lacking a profound sense of sound and aggressive persuasion.
I drastically switched almost all instruments to electric guitars and acoustics, and further reborn into music that can be greatly expanded by fully featuring lead guitars.
The performers also have super-major personnel to provide powerful support for music.
Guitarist Ziv is a tour guitarist with Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker, drummer Chuck is a drummer with impressive rhythms played by Elton John’s Lion King and Brian Adams, Bass Madalena is an art The artist, who has set up a studio in the city of Cologne, led a string orchestra and Maria, who participated in the recording as a violinist himself, was responsible for the string arrangement of Eric Clapton and was introduced with no more personnel. It was.

Composer / Arranger / Producer Introduction

Production supervisor / Producer : Hiro Furuya

Profile: Born in Tokyo. Completed Berklee College of Music. Currently studying at Harvard Business School. Participated in projects such as the Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Eric Clapton. Acted as an international official endorser of 10 companies. The latest hits have led newcomers such as Die Denakz and Karmen Pal-Balaz to the European charts.

古屋博敏(海外名義:Hiro Furuya)


Composer / Arranger : John Capek

Profile : Born in the Czech Republic. A true living legend that has provided music to TOTO, Diana Ross, Olivier Newton John, Rod Stewart and others.

John Capek


Composer / Arranger / Programmer : Sefi Carmel

Profile: Born in London. In charge of film music such as ET and Harry Potter, music provided by Phil Collins, David Boy, BB King, and synthesizer programmers.



Conductor / Orchestration : Maria Grigoryeva

Profile: Born in St. Petersburg. Completed Berklee College of Music. Arranging the strings section of Eric Clapton, he has been active globally as a young skilled conductor.