Why is Hiro’s Music Production chosen?
Hiro’s Music Production undertakes music production from around the world. He has worked on many hits and popular songs in various countries and has many achievements. For example, Billy Joel, Elton John, Eric Clapton live recording, and also live recordings such as the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic. Endorser contracts have reached 12 companies and show their abilities.
Why is Hiro’s Music Production a game-changer?
Endorser contracts with leading manufacturers inspire us. There is always a need to cultivate exceptional sensibility and create the world’s most advanced world of sound. The world trend is constantly changing, and after three months it is already recognized as an old sound source. We always keep thinking and making cutting-edge sounds with manufacturers. The development of equipment is a form of many of our ideas. We will always be the leading game-changer.
What kind of equipment does studio use?
We use the most advanced equipment in the world. Aiming for hit songs with advanced equipment such as SPL, elysia, Bettermaker, Brauner, MAGIX SEQUOIA, BLACK ROOSTER AUDIO.
What kind of business do you handle?
Most of the work can be done as music production such as composition, arrangement, programming, recording, mixing, mastering.
Is it possible to perform mixing, mastering, composition, and arrangement remotely?
Yes. It is possible. Currently, the world trend is the time to request the production of sound sources from producers and engineers who liked it remotely. Our music production is commissioned to produce music from all over the world, including USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech, Italy, China, Korea, Middle East, and Africa. Of course, there are many orders from Japan where Hiro’s Music Production is located.
Who are you working with? Shouldn’t it be a major?
We are doing business fairly to everyone. Even those who are enjoying indie and personal DAW work with the same quality and timidness as when they work as a super major. There are no borders, races, or thought barriers among those who love music. We want everyone to enjoy music with the highest quality.